Building trust.
Growing communities.
Evolving capital.

About Vest

Vest is a community and investment platform reimagining the systems in which we grow wealth, trust, and ownership through the power of fractional equity.

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Grow your audience and introduce new ventures

Engage with your community through new opportunities on Vest. Invite founders to list their fractional equity rounds, and connect directly with experts and enthusiasts who are keen to invest.
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Actualise the value of your community and your companies

As your ventures grow, so does your community and your upside. Everyone is rewarded for contributions they make including investing, referrals, due diligence analysis and sweat equity.
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Vest works

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For Industry

We give industry experts the opportunity to build a viable income stream while offering profit-sharing incentives, rewarding engagement, and further growing ventures they believe in.

For Venture

We use fractional equity to reset the dynamics of capital raising, so you can grow your purpose, position in market, and people at the same time. All while building the resilience you need to succeed.

For Investors

You can invest cash, time, expertise or network. We tap into the power of communities to build trust, leverage expertise, and grow businesses from seed to series.

Our communities

Vest currently powers communities in everything from agtech to sextech.

Future of Sex

Founded by Bryony Cole, Future of Sex is a leader in sextech, exploring and advancing the intersection of sex, technology, and wellbeing


A community working to mobilise global resources to positively impact 1 billion lives and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


A community focused on supporting innovative food, fibre and supply chain businesses

million raised since inception via our platform


portfolio companies funded by the crowd

million already returned to our investors

Meet Sarah. She put her expertise in Agtech to work for COOEE. As Unotree grows, so does her returns and her roots in the industry she loves.

Sarah, Cooee Investor